Get Engergized With Kundalini Yoga

Among one of the newer forms of yoga introduced in the west is Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini is said to be energy within the spine that if channeled can be used to awaken what is called the seven chakras. You have reached the full potential of Kundalini when you are able to reach the Crown Chakra. Focusing on breathing and spiritual chants the objective of Kundalini yoga is to help everyone achieve their fullest energy and eliminate all the stress from their lives, allowing them to live healthy, happy, and free. 

Kundalini Yoga Objective

This form of yoga combines breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, and the use of sound and rhythm. The core values of Get Engergized With Kundalini YogaKundalini yoga are that everyone has this life changing energy within them ready to be used. It pushes you past just muscle strength and helps you to tap into the strength of faith. With a strong nervous system, glandular system it is believed that you can live a life of happiness, discipline, and peace.

Breathing in Kundalini Yoga

Breathing is the key in Kundalini yoga. It is the energy source of life. In this class you will learn how to use your breath in many ways. Each exercise you perform their will also be a breathing pattern to go with it. More than likely you will use long deep breathing, rhythmic breathing, segmented breathing, and breath of fire. Each breathing pattern that you learn will enhance the benefits of your exercise. Most of the breathing exercise encompasses a movement. The exercise can last from 1-11 minutes.


Chakras are considered the focuses of energy that reacts to the nerve gland. Each one possesses a unique frequency which is in relationship to parts of our personality. Kundalini yoga changes you by teaching you how to have a free flow of energy by the use of chakras. The result is to teach you to choose the correct action for any situation.

Basic Kundalini Yoga Class

The class starts with a chant and a stretch that gets the spine ready to move. The bulk of the class is called a kriya. The kirya is a set of poses in a specific order that works different areas of the body. The end of the class is closed by meditation. If the instructor chooses they can also end the class with a sound of a gong and soft music. Each class can range from about 30 to 90 minutes. Those who are truly into Kundalini yoga dress in head wraps and white robes.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

There are several different benefits to taking a Kundalini yoga class. While each experience can differ from student to student, some of the more common benefits of taking this style of yoga are spiritual growth, physical fitness, improved well being, and a peace of mind.

Spiritual growth: Creates spiritual awareness. By doing kriyas students are able to unlock spiritual blocks.

Physically fit: The Kundalini poses can tone your body.

Improves well being: By combing spiritual growth and being in shape many begin to feel so much better about themselves and their outlook on life.

Peace of mind: Breathing techniques that are taught can calm your thoughts allowing you to think clearly.


Kundalini yoga will really help you to get connected with your inner spirit. With sequenced breathing and movements you will tone your body and cleanse your organs. You will find energy that you never experienced before. You will come to know a calmer, more spiritual you. Just like the objective of all yoga classes, Kundalini yoga will learn to be one with your body, mind, and soul.

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