E-Yoga Studio: How to Market Your Studio Online?

An online yoga studio business model can assist you in your efforts to support students from the class in an online setting. In addition, you can expand your yoga studio marketing to reach beyond the local area to reach the entire yoga community.

The Internet has developed into an essential part in making peoples life easier: paying bills, setting up gatherings and even staying in touch have all moved online. The next logical step for yoga is to also expand to online portals. A host of seasoned yogis have found that using the internet is a great tool to reach existing and new students.

Beginning Steps For Marketing Yoga Online

The initial step needed to begin marketing your yoga practice online is choosing what you want to broadcast to your students. The E-Yoga Studio: How to Market Your Studio Online?main factor in online marketing whether it’s for yoga or any other type of business is content. Most consumers prefer to get all of their information from one reliable source as opposed to spending a large chunk of time surfing the internet. The information you display on your yoga site should be organized and accurate. It should also be written in an each to understand manner without being overly rigid.

The content on your yoga site can relate to pose instruction, the philosophy and benefits of yoga or even information regarding classes and teachers at your Ashram. Your site should always encourage feedback from visitors and have a place to hold discussions. Marketing your yoga studio online is not only about obtaining new students, but also about educating and improving the yoga community as a whole.

Getting The Word Out About Your Yoga Studio

There are also several ways to get information regarding your ashram out there. A yoga website that is based on your studio is a great start. You can also encourage each teacher of your yoga studio to start a personal blog that provides information regarding their classes and techniques. Their personal blogs can then link back to your main site as well as provide information for physically coming in to join the group. Your website, as well as the blogs can feature pictures, stories or even videos that relate to yoga.

An additional idea that works well to market your Ashram online is by broadcasting a weekly podcast. Most people are well connected with technology and often watch news, listen to speeches or other material in their smart devices. Utilizing a regular podcast broadcast help you to connect on a more intimate level with students. A podcast can be viewed on a smart device or uploaded to your website or blog. Students can view or listen to these recording in their spare time, or while doing daily chores such as the laundry or exercising.

Online Yoga Studio Marketing – Final Thoughts

While managing weekly content is a bit time consuming, the benefits of keeping your site and blogs fresh will be evident by the number of repeat visitors as well as the influx of students to your yoga Ashram. It is an overall highly rewarding option. There are teachers that shy away from online teaching, mainly due to the misconception that it will discourage students from joining the class in person, but there are a lot of yogis’ who want to stay up to date in their yoga, but simply can’t always find the time to go to a class. This option is a perfect way to breach the gap created by life’s hectic scheduling.