Shopping For a Yoga Mat

When participating in yoga classes it is important to have the appropriate attire and accessories. When you are properly prepared for class, you will receive from it the best benefits the class has to offer. An important piece of equipment or yoga accessory that you need to obtain is a yoga mat. Now it may seem that you can just go to the store and choose whichever mat you’d like, however there are several different types and styles of yoga mats to meet different needs. Take the time to choose a mat that will be most beneficial to you.

The Original Yoga Mat

One of the older versions of yoga mats are the classic sticky mat. These mats are more commonly used by those practicing yoga. The mat is choosing the right yoga matmade up of sturdy foam. With a high-tack surface the mats are easy to keep in place as you change positions during class. They come in a variety of different colors and can be found in sporting good stores and some department stores.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

For those who support the earth and want to do more to keep it alive, there are eco friendly yoga mats. These mats are created with materials that are not hazardous to the earth. They are created to give you the support and comfort that you need without the toxic or damaging materials. They are a bit higher priced than the original yoga mat, however, for many price is not an object when trying to save the earth.

Natural Yoga Mats

Perfect for Bikram yoga is the natural yoga mat. They are created with open cell natural rubber. These mats are created to provide great traction and even function well if wet. They are thicker and more durable than both eco friendly and the classic yoga mats. They come highly recommended for yoga classes that involve a lot of movement or sweating. And because these mats are created from only natural materials, they also double as an eco friendly mat to help protect the earth.

Yoga Mats For Children

More recently children have begun taking yoga classes. There are yoga mats that especially created to fit the needs of a child participating in the class. They are smaller than normal mats and are created with a higher tack surface for great traction preventing your little ones from slipping. With a thick cushion your children can be comfortable and feel free to be a kid!

Material & Function

It is important to pay attention to the material of the yoga mat you intend to purchase. Each material also serves a different purpose when working out. Cotton mats help to absorb sweat and are commonly used in Bikram and Ashtanga yoga classes. Meditation mats are often more plush being that you will use them for sitting long periods of time. A deluxe yoga mat is made with a special surface allowing for a slip free session.

Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Yoga Mat

As you can see there are several different styles and types of yoga mat that you can purchase. There are questions that you should ask yourself or the store associate in order to ensure that you are getting the best yoga mat for the job.

1.What type of yoga class will you be taking?

2.What qualities do you want your mat to possess?

3.What are you willing to spend on your yoga mat?

4.What material are you looking for?

Choosing the right mat for you takes a bit of research, but when done properly you will be happy with you decision. Another fun aspect is that you get to choose the color that best suits you as many yoga mats come in all different colors. Have fun choosing a yoga mat that’s right for you.