Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is a form of meditation and exercise that uses an assortment of poses paired with practiced breathing techniques to help align the body and spirit. The art of yoga has been proven to offer medicinal like effects when used as a way to relive stress and other physical ailments. There is a large assortment of different yoga styles to practice; Vinyasa Yoga is among the oldest forms.

The word Vinyasa means movement synchronized with breath. Vinyasa yoga can then be defined as an energetic type of yoga that utilizes postures in a series combined with breathing exercises. Specifically, in Vinyasa yoga, each move is paired with one breath, which is both exhaling and inhaling. Unlike other forms of yoga, Vinyasa yoga poses are not held on one place for very long. Instead of holding each pose, the student will perform them in a flow to achieve sync.

The Poses of Vinyasa Yoga

In addition to the mental and bodily benefits of yoga, Vinyasa yoga also initiates internal body heat. The natural body heat is catalyst that helps your system purify the organs and muscles of toxins. This is affected through sweat and exhalations. When you rid your body of bad substances, you increase your health. The added heat also encourages your blood to flow to other parts of your body. When you get a fever, it’s the side effect of your body fighting and infection, similarly, when you use Vinyasa yoga to increase your internal body temperature, you boost your immune systems ability to reduce the chance of contracting an infection. When your muscles are warm, they are much more flexible and the chance of strain or injury is also greatly reduced.

Vinyasa Yoga and Weight Loss

Most people know that metabolism is tied to weight loss, and weight loss most often directly involves sweat. Well, to sweat, you need to raise your internal temperature. Vinyasa yoga creates internal heat which stimulates the level of metabolic activity. When your metabolism speeds up, fatty acids and glucose are broken down much more rapidly. You are able to increase to tone in your body to add a better rounded shape and improve your health.

The Breathing Pattern in Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a flowing and constantly moving style of yoga, breathing is one of the most important steps.  Each poses is performed in the spaces of one breath and not held. The use of synchronized breathing not only helps your relax your body and mind, but it also allow you to consciously take control of each of your individual muscles. Energy that may have been blocked is also allowed to run freely throughout your body. The breathing and poses allow your body to build a lean mass of muscles through regular practice. It is also a form that targets all of the muscles groups equally.

Vinyasa Yoga-Summary

The Vinyasa yoga works on an emotional, physical and mental level that allows you to connect all parts of your body to relive stress and increase health. The constant flowing movement helps your to clear your mind of unproductive thoughts and mental pressures. There are a vast amount of benefits such as decreased blood pressure, increased sleep capability, reduction of stroke and heart attack risk that make this form of yoga a favorite among students.