What to Learn in an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training?

A yoga teacher training can open up an array of new avenues in the life of a seeker. He/ She will have the exposure to a community of wonderful human beings who live by the moral and ethical dictums of yoga philosophy. Besides a great deal of emphasis on physical fitness with yogasana practice and bringing mind peace by meditation and breathing exercises, these teacher training programs are sure to solidify your foundation of teaching skills.

However, a 200 hour training course trainee might find herself in a limbo after completion of this month long course as there will still be lots to learn before setting up your own class. The next step is an advanced yoga teacher training with 300 hour.

Here is how your 200 hour yoga learning will be enhanced with a 300 hour course:

Delving Deeper Into Hatha & Ashtanga Principles

Undertaking a 300 hour course in teacher training will gain you more insight into the discipline through advanced lessons in Hatha and Ashtanga principles. Deepening your previous learning of the asanas, in the 300 hour course, the postures will be perfected with adjustment-alignment. You will also be taught how to hold postures at effective angles for more time.

More Mantra for The Soul

Lessons in mantra chanting are an important part of yoga teacher training. These mantras encapsulate the very essence of yoga philosophy. Composed in Sanskrit- an endangered language, mantra chanting takes effect primarily through its rhythmic structure and sonorous tone. To effectively chant the mantra is an art and great masters of this art are found only in India. In a 300 hour course, your mantra chanting practice will be deepened preparing you for spontaneous recitation with which you will be able to enrich your own yoga classes.

Intensified Pranayama Breathing

Yoga of breathing is an exclusivity you will find only in a yoga teacher training course in India. Through this exercise, the technique of healing and enlivening the body with breath is practiced. In a 300 hour course, your understanding of pranayama will be furthered, introducing the most intensive breath routines like the kapalbhati and more. Within the corpus of breath meditation pranadhara or breath awareness, chakra healing meditation and a few other meditation techniques utilizing the breath will be introduced.

Yogic Healing With Shat-Kriya

Shat-Kriya is a purgatory method for cleansing the body of accumulated toxins causing blockages. It is rooted in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika of the ancient scriptures and is formulated in a six-fold cleansing routine.  Shat-Kriya is extremely significant for harmonizing ida and pingala – the primary pranic elements according to the science of yoga. In an advanced yoga teacher training spanning 300 hours, you will learn the proper method of performing shat kriyas.

Besides these many lessons in advance learning for becoming a yoga instructor, a 300 hour yoga teacher training is highly recommended for those who want to engage deeper and continue exploration in her personal practice.