5 Must Read Yoga Books

The world of yoga is complex yet interesting. Perhaps, this is the reason why yoga gurus are writing and publishing books that can enlighten the yoga students and even those who want to know more about yoga. Here is a list of the must-read yoga books out there.

Light on Yoga (by B.K.S. Iyengar)

‘Light on Yoga’ is considered the ‘bible’ of yoga. This book teaches the basics about yoga that is why it is often recommended by yoga teachers for their students to read. In fact, this book is mostly used in yoga teacher training programs. There is no one yoga school that does not own a copy of ‘Light on Yoga’. This book is definitely a living guide of learning the philosophy behind yoga. The book referred to yoga as a healing discipline. The book focuses on practicing yoga with complete discussions and illustrations of various yoga positions and exercises.

Yoga Anatomy (by Leslie Kaminoff)

‘Yoga Anatomy’ basically discusses every yoga pose. Each discussion, however, focuses on which body parts are actually working. The author also outlines the hindrances that a yogi may experience in executing the pose. The yoga terms are provided in Sanskrit with its English meanings. This is a great reference when teaching yoga among the beginners as every joint and muscle used in executing a pose is shown.

Yoga – The Practice of Movement and Stillness (by Eric Schiffman)

‘Yoga – The Practice of Movement and Stillness’ aims at teaching hesitant individuals why yoga is an approachable discipline. The author describes what he went through in discovering the simple truth about yoga. The book has many images that accompany the explanations of each posture. The author details the instructions as well as phases in doing yoga exercises so that the readers would be able to work on a posture prior to building up into doing the complete exercise. The benefits of each exercise are also discussed in the end of each discussion.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga – Pathway to Liberation (by Bhava Ram)

‘The 8 Limbs of Yoga – Pathway to Liberation’ offers a modern and Westernized explanation of the limbs of yoga. Evidently, the book focuses on Ashtanga yoga that was written by Patanjali about more than 2200 years ago. It focuses on the sutras and what should be learnt about them by new yogis.

The Heart of Yoga – Developing a Personal Practice (by T.K.V. Desikacher)

‘The Heart of Yoga – Developing A Personal Practice’ draws inspiration from the experiences of the author, the son of T Krishnamacharya, one of the greatest Indian yoga teachers. The book tackles the relevance of yoga from the point of view of the author and as taught by his father. The book emphasizes the need for every yogi including the yoga teachers of observing himself or herself while discovering how he or she may be able to enhance the benefits of each yoga pose.

If you are embarking on a journey to discover more about yoga, then kick start such journey by reading these books first. You will be enlightened about the discipline as narrated by those people who live and breathe yoga.

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